Hunter: City of Brotherly Horror

Session 12

Practical Experience 4 & 1 beat.

November 6th, 2016:

Anthony & Jack continue to stake out Hekley’s house.

Gary buys a German sword online. Will take a week to 10 days.

November 7th:

Raya started building a remote detonator for a pipe bombs. (2 successes.)

The judge gets in his car and leaves.

Jack and Anthony follow him in their car, The rest of the party go to break into Hekley’s house.

Jack and Anthony see Hekley part in an abandoned industrial lot. He meets up with two identical twin women who are dressing in black dresses and pale gothic makeup.

Rex, Sophie and Gary break into the Hekley’s house, Sophie gets pulled into room by some force onto some kind of circle anchor. Gary gets trapped in the room where the runes start to light up as well as the circle. Vines start to conjure from the circle as well as a plant-like hand & face. Gary breaks through the door with his machete.

Rex realizes that with runes glowing around the frame of the door, they were probably meant as a seal and Gary just broke them.

Steve helps Raya work on the remote detonator. (1 success).

Later in the day, Steve and Raya continue working on the detonator (2 successes).

Rex, Gary & Sophie leave and get in Gary’s truck and start driving away.

Jack & Anthony follow the twins instead of Hekley to a upscale part of downtown to a 20 story office building. They go in, Jack bluffs the guards, and they let them take the elevator upstairs. They run into a vampire feeding party in a pool on the top floor.

Anthony Ran into his old vampire friend, Isaac. He helped them leave the tower without any confrontation

The rest of the party met up near the tree monster, and fought it. They used maltov cocktails to set it on fire. Which caused the monster to quickly torch & burn.

3 cop cars show up (with another one on the way) & they look to the tear in the sky.



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