Hunter: City of Brotherly Horror

Session 11

Let's Pow Wow!

November 5th. The presidential election is three days away:

November 6th:
The group “Pow WoWs”. Rex shows up and lets the group know about information she had found.

Anthony and Jack go to watch the judge, the rest of the group goes to break into the DA’s office.

Jack sees the outline of the judge & 3 men behind a window at the Judge’s office. Later he sees them walk by a window where he gets a glimpse at them. 3 young men, the judge & the mage from the farm south of Philly.

The party breaks into Mikkelsen’s office & finds 2 letters from Hekley & 1 letter from someone at EndoTech.

Steve sees the vampire he met at the chop shop. He was ordering the Sargent on duty around.



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