Hunter: City of Brotherly Horror

Session 8

Can We Take This Ball To The Beach?

Jack, Rex, Steve go into the hospital to question about the symbol they found on the wall. Rex scouted the outer wall of the grounds, Raya stayed in the car.

Jane Renas – Orderly at Brakenwood

Daren Tanum. – patient drawing strange symbols.

Allen dies and the party dumps his body in an alleyway. Jack calls in an anonymous tip from a payphone.

Anthony trails them in a car after they leave the phone booth. They stop at a Friendlies, and chat at a table.

Gary trips over a chunk of concrete and falls into open ground.

The group finds an open room about 20ft by 20ft.

They find stone shelves with books and a stone coffin sitting up against the wall.

The group finds a mummy inside of the coffin and upon removing the skull, Sophie hears ticking. Steve throws the skull and a metal clockwork sphere rolls out of the head.

Rex tries to figure out how it works and after several minutes, the sphere separates and gets slightly larger.

Rex tries to describe it to Gary and the sphere gets bigger and more complex.

Gary Finds out that the mechanism turns into a door to somewhere else.

The party goes to the opera house and during Anthony’s conductor performance and the light burst and chairs get thrown. They find a trap door beneath the stage that leads under the stage to a young woman’s body. They destroy her shoes and Rex takes her necklace. They meet up at a nearby bar and Anthony joins the group.

The group goes back to the safe house. The ball is now 5ft in diameter.

The group the next day went off to do their things.

Raya discovered that the South American book was a book about Atlantis and a silver ladder called the book of Alteric Towers. Raya found a symbol next to a sketch of the tower from her dreams.

Steve started breaking the basement room hole bigger to 10ft. He then tried to use the crane to lift it, but the crane wouldn’t lift the sphere, which was 6ft in diameter at this point.



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