Hunter: City of Brotherly Horror

Session 13
Liberi or Aultus

Practical Experience 1 xp 4 beats.

November 7th:

  • The group sees a symbol appear in a light grey color on the middle of the street.
  • Rex creates a graphic of Trump depicted as Eraserhead with a pill in his hand with the tagline, “try it, it will kill you.”
  • Jack & Anthony find out the symbol is connected with the church of St. Joseph.

November 8th (election day):

  • The party eats at Denny’s then heads to St. Joseph.
  • The party gets into the Sub-basement and chooses to go down the adult tunnel.
Session 12

Practical Experience 4 & 1 beat.

November 6th, 2016:

Anthony & Jack continue to stake out Hekley’s house.

Gary buys a German sword online. Will take a week to 10 days.

November 7th:

Raya started building a remote detonator for a pipe bombs. (2 successes.)

The judge gets in his car and leaves.

Jack and Anthony follow him in their car, The rest of the party go to break into Hekley’s house.

Jack and Anthony see Hekley part in an abandoned industrial lot. He meets up with two identical twin women who are dressing in black dresses and pale gothic makeup.

Rex, Sophie and Gary break into the Hekley’s house, Sophie gets pulled into room by some force onto some kind of circle anchor. Gary gets trapped in the room where the runes start to light up as well as the circle. Vines start to conjure from the circle as well as a plant-like hand & face. Gary breaks through the door with his machete.

Rex realizes that with runes glowing around the frame of the door, they were probably meant as a seal and Gary just broke them.

Steve helps Raya work on the remote detonator. (1 success).

Later in the day, Steve and Raya continue working on the detonator (2 successes).

Rex, Gary & Sophie leave and get in Gary’s truck and start driving away.

Jack & Anthony follow the twins instead of Hekley to a upscale part of downtown to a 20 story office building. They go in, Jack bluffs the guards, and they let them take the elevator upstairs. They run into a vampire feeding party in a pool on the top floor.

Anthony Ran into his old vampire friend, Isaac. He helped them leave the tower without any confrontation

The rest of the party met up near the tree monster, and fought it. They used maltov cocktails to set it on fire. Which caused the monster to quickly torch & burn.

3 cop cars show up (with another one on the way) & they look to the tear in the sky.

Session 11
Let's Pow Wow!

November 5th. The presidential election is three days away:

November 6th:
The group “Pow WoWs”. Rex shows up and lets the group know about information she had found.

Anthony and Jack go to watch the judge, the rest of the group goes to break into the DA’s office.

Jack sees the outline of the judge & 3 men behind a window at the Judge’s office. Later he sees them walk by a window where he gets a glimpse at them. 3 young men, the judge & the mage from the farm south of Philly.

The party breaks into Mikkelsen’s office & finds 2 letters from Hekley & 1 letter from someone at EndoTech.

Steve sees the vampire he met at the chop shop. He was ordering the Sargent on duty around.

Session 10

Steve fell into the sewers below the library after while working. There were two vampires down there. One with daggers the other with a crossbow that used bolts that pin the subject.

They kill the vampires, then go to Brankenwoods to question Daren Tanum.

They get Daren Tanum to tell them that he was put there by Judge Hekley who is working with the Git-Oh-Mah cult in some way.

Sophie took a blood sample from Daren Tanum.

Session 9
We need a diagram.

The party decides to get blueprints to the Brakenwood Mental Hospital, then they decide to stake out the hospital.

The sphere gets to 8 feet in diameter, and then stops.

Rex scouts the hospital grounds at twilight.

The party gets back to the hideout and starts throwing animals, insects, etc through the sphere portal.

Rex jumps through the portal into the hallway. Opens a metal door behind her, and finds a brick wall.

Gary looks into the cauldron of the room and finds several partially burned and formed fetuses.

Rex goes up the stairs to open a metal door. She finds…a dark room with a pool of fresh water fish.

The next room, Rex and Gary find a room of plain beds, some with leather restraints, and a fallout shelter sign.

The room after that Gary and Rex find a curved hall. At the end is another metal door and also a furnace door in the right wall next to the wall.

The next room they find a metal kitchen with a large fridge and two metal doors.

The party goes upstairs to a farm house.

Gary hears chanting and sees the glow of a fire. He finds out a group of about 20 people are eating someone off of a spit.

The rest of the party drives south west about 70 miles outside of Philly and meet up about an hour walking distance away from the farm going toward Phily.

Jack calls the FBI who sends in the local police. The local police show up about 15 minutes later and the party can hear explosions and see storm clouds with lightning forming around the storm clouds.

The party walks back toward the farmhouse they watch the cult from about 500 feet away.

Anthony takes time to aim, and sees the cult leader. He appears to be chanting something and using his hands to cast a spell. Anthony shoots him and he and several cultists vanish.

A fiery creature erupts from the spit fire, a ten foot tall fiery humanoid looking creature.

Rex antagonizes it toward the water tower on the farm while Steve, Gary and Jack get into a truck and ram the water tower. The fiery creature disappears, then the group runs off into the corn field when they hear police sirens coming down the farm road. Jack gets caught by the local police and pulled back to town for questioning.

The party gets back to the warehouse and see a cop get pulled into the door at the other end of the hallway by a dark shadowy hand. The other cop fires, freaks out and runs away.

Session 8
Can We Take This Ball To The Beach?

Jack, Rex, Steve go into the hospital to question about the symbol they found on the wall. Rex scouted the outer wall of the grounds, Raya stayed in the car.

Jane Renas – Orderly at Brakenwood

Daren Tanum. – patient drawing strange symbols.

Allen dies and the party dumps his body in an alleyway. Jack calls in an anonymous tip from a payphone.

Anthony trails them in a car after they leave the phone booth. They stop at a Friendlies, and chat at a table.

Gary trips over a chunk of concrete and falls into open ground.

The group finds an open room about 20ft by 20ft.

They find stone shelves with books and a stone coffin sitting up against the wall.

The group finds a mummy inside of the coffin and upon removing the skull, Sophie hears ticking. Steve throws the skull and a metal clockwork sphere rolls out of the head.

Rex tries to figure out how it works and after several minutes, the sphere separates and gets slightly larger.

Rex tries to describe it to Gary and the sphere gets bigger and more complex.

Gary Finds out that the mechanism turns into a door to somewhere else.

The party goes to the opera house and during Anthony’s conductor performance and the light burst and chairs get thrown. They find a trap door beneath the stage that leads under the stage to a young woman’s body. They destroy her shoes and Rex takes her necklace. They meet up at a nearby bar and Anthony joins the group.

The group goes back to the safe house. The ball is now 5ft in diameter.

The group the next day went off to do their things.

Raya discovered that the South American book was a book about Atlantis and a silver ladder called the book of Alteric Towers. Raya found a symbol next to a sketch of the tower from her dreams.

Steve started breaking the basement room hole bigger to 10ft. He then tried to use the crane to lift it, but the crane wouldn’t lift the sphere, which was 6ft in diameter at this point.

Session 7
Frankly Ma'am, I Don't Give a Damn

Rex goes to the opera house to investigate.

Allan followed a middle age woman down the street a few blocks. After about 3 blocks, Allan witnessed a female angel hunched over. She smiled, asked Allan who he wanted to have killed. He refused to name someone, she frowned and disappeared. Allan investigated the alleyway and saw the male angel in the back. The angel started chasing Allan. Allan ran, and got flanked by the female angel.

A chase through the park nearby commenced. Allan escaped, but Rex got into a fight with the Female Angel. Allan turned around to help.

Rex named his step-father as a person to kill. The female angel disappeared. The male one continued to attack Rex, Allan and Jack. He burst into flame and disappeared.

Allan had a symbol burn into his chest on the way back to the morgue while in Gary’s truck.

Allan comes to and described what he saw in his vision.

Gary went to the library to research Juvanos. He found out that the last living member of the family was “Mathias Scheer” who died about 200 years ago.

The group met up at “Brakenwood Medical Institution” which was a Mental Health ward still in operation.

Session 6

Raya escapes from the hospital and meets up with the rest of the group at Steve’s.

Allen writes a long letter to Alexander Monroe in the event of Allen’s death. Allen is supposed to call Monroe by Sunday morning, if he doesn’t, Monroe is supposed to go to his apartment, take all of his stuff and the letter addressed to him.

The party gets to the rave. Rex and Allen enter.

Allen gets a sample of blood from the shape shifter. He and Rex book it out of the rave with the sample of blood.

The party gets 6 shots of shape-shifter vaccine and use 2. One on Raya and one on Steve. It is injected via the heart.

The news on the radio announces that 9 more bodies have been found dead near an opera house that had died in a similar manner to the 3 bodies that had been found a few days earlier.

Sophie goes to work on Saturday to find Anthony Kevlar’s body which is one of the cadavers that shows up at the morgue.

Session 5

Rex and Allan Look into finding an underground rave.

Rex gets a pass to an underground rave.

Rex gave her boss’ signed queen album in exchange for the pass.

Allan gets a pass from his contact. The contact left the pass on the inside of a post office box.

Allan made a deal with Alexander Monroe for the rave ticket. Monroe says that Allan “owes” him.

Steve researches the Book of Git-oh-Mah translating the Arabic and Latin through Google translate.

Raya calls Sophie from the hospital.

Raya sees a deer headed monster outside of her room.

The party starts planning research for the shape-shifters and how to approach the rave at Bartman’s Garden.

Session 4
Ramping shit up

Rex and Allan call 911 and finish questioning with the police.

Steve finishes his modifications on the station wagon.

Steve goes to his pigeon coop and sends out a message. He then takes the pigeon when it comes back to him to the bar and to The Philly Body Dissection Place.

Steve sends his pigeon Mort back to the coop.

Allan gives Sophie a bloody rag which contains the blood of the guy who was coughing up blood at the jeweler’s guild.

Jack met Anthony Kevlar and questioned about Kim Black and Christie Barken.

Jack shoots Anthony as he puts on a wooden tribal mask. He shoots him squarely in the chest and Anthony laughs.

Steve and Gary chase Anthony down a busy street. Raya gets attacked by a shapeshifter.

Allan and Rex destroy Anthony’s bedroom of runes and alchemical jars. They then proceed to destroy the jars of organs in the apartment.

Raya is bitten and is taken.

Jack takes Steve and the strange old spectacled man in his police car to speak with him about Raya.

Allan finds a Medallion in a can of altoids in the tank of a toilet at Anthony’s condo. They olso find the follwing books. It has a skull shape with a pointed jaw.

Black Sun Anotomy
South American Tribal Lore

The old man tells them about the vaccine for Raya which involves getting blood from one of the shapeshifters. They are identified by having yellow irises.

Jack talkes to Terrance (the old spectacled man) who points them out to the man Haydn who will be able to make a vaccine if the group captures and extracts pure blood from one of the shapeshifters.

Gary takes Raya to the hospital. Gary calls Raya’s brother.

The group (without Raya) meets at Steve’s safehouse.

Sophie reads the Black Sun Anatomy book and finds out that the book is a book on supernatural creature anatomy.

Raya gets quarantined in the hospital.

Rex and Allan take the medalion to the jeweler to get it identified. They find out it is very old and is made from a mixture of silver and plantinum.

Jack goes to a club where 3 murders have happened and finds out that the monstrous creatures approached one of the witnesses and asked them “Who are your enemies, who do you want me to kill?”

The creatures were described as humans with fang teeth and sharpened bones protruding from their shoulders.


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